Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weather Forcast... SNOOOOWWWWWWWW

This is exactly what is happening to me and this is exactly how I feel!!  I need more emotional weather peeps to express the same frustration as I have!!   My backyard looks like the inside of all of Hollywoods nostrils!!!!

I have plenty of milk, bread, eggs and batteries for BOB.  I feel like a wilderness gal who cant even open the doors due to snow drifts and I am afeared for the animals in the barn.  Yes, I mean the kids..  I may have to let them back into the cabin with the warm wood burning stove with my pantaloons heating up over the stove so I can have a toasty ass.  Laura Ingalls lives next door and Pa is gonna help shovel me out due to the fact that my kids are locked in the barn since they act like such animals.

I got up early today to let Riley the dog out.. He got very excited.. I opened the back door.. he went to do his bunny rabbit thing he does and stopped short of the blistering wind and knee deep snow.. he just looked at me like "How the frig and I gonna pee in that marshmallow mess?"

I laughed and said ok.. lets go out front were there is a porch and I will take one for team. So we did and then he ventured into the bushes and fell into the snow up to his hips.. He stopped.. FROZE and then squatted I think cause I couldnt see anything.. came running back inside and his eyes told me he had to do more but was afeared. I then told him lets try the back yard again.. So we did.. This time he was a bit more adverturous since his boy bits were already stuck to his hind leg in a frozen stance...

He decided to have fun in the snow and jumped around like a bunny rabbit trying to find his stinky familiar smells... but to no avail.. decided he had enough... back to the warmth of his Linus banky..

Good dog.. bad kids... I choose the dog..

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