Monday, February 1, 2010

School House Rock

Oh lord have mercy.. since watching Rosie's "I Am Free To Be You And Me" inpired by new documentary "A Family Is A Family Is A Family" has me really thinking.. and now I want to take you all down memory lane...

Conjuction Junction.. Whats Your Function... Wohoo!?!?!  What does that mean?  I have to many things in my mind.. Let me know if you want to know what that is.. 

Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law
Schoolhouse Rock "Interjections!"
SchoolHouse Rock - Figure Eight

Schoolhouse Rock - A Noun is a Person, Place or Thing
Schoolhouse Rock - Three-Ring Government
Schoolhouse Rock - Mother Necessity
Schoolhouse Rock - Telegraph Line
Schoolhouse Rock - Tax Man Max
Schoolhouse Rock - Three is a Magic Number
Schoolhouse Rock - Ready or Not, Here I Come (5s)

Ahhh.. the good ol days of eating cereal in a wee box with milk and thinking how cool was your mother to0 buy all those variety packs.. and watching Saturday morning cartoons infront of the TV while eating those cereal snack boxes and learning a bit about sumpin...

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