Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Am Snowed In

This is the front of my home... It sucks..  My bushes are so SOL  I am sure I have dig them up and make them fire wood for sure..

We had snow.. then snow.. then SNOW!!!  ENOUGH!!! 

This is my back yard. especially my garbage cans..

Well the further look to the left is my other garbage cans.. they are burried..  The one you see is right outside my back door.  The dog take care of the level of snow around there. snicker snicker..

Ok my issue tonight is that if you look beyond the trees...  all my garbage cans are burried and I am now stockpiling garbage bags in my house trying to figure out how to store the garbage and how to make sure its on the curb for pickup..

Last night.. we had 2 cans outside the back door that was collecting recycables..  I am a huge recycable person so it had to go so we can free some room to do more..  I asked my youngest son to take the cans to the curb..  I live on a corner so it is very strategic since I dont put cans on the driveway.   Mr Man had the greatest idea to put them on the driveway... this called for some stratic manuvering..   Mr Man elected to help bring the cans through the house onto the front porch so my young boy could drag to the end of the driveway.. GENIUS!!!  Ok dont tell him that.. it would be bad me and me seething..

So here we are today.. garbage stockpiling with a bunch of cans burried.. which kid has the task to burry them out?  Which kid is gonna drag those cans through the artic???  Which kid is not gonna complain and just do the deed?

Lord help me in this post blizzard mess..

I'm just saying..
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