Friday, February 26, 2010

Canadian Female Hockey Players Celebrate On The Ice.. Oh My!!

Oh lord... here we go.  The Canadian Hockey female players who won the game with the US is in deep doo doo for celebrating on the ice with.. wait...  wait.... wait.. wait..


Lord have mercy!!!!     This is an atrocity!!!!  Someone get the paddle and ensure they feel like bad girls!!! 

SPANK!!  Dont ever celebrate on the victory ice.. 
SPANK!!  Dont ever drink and shmoke and a pancake..
SPANK!!  Dont ever look like you are too proud of yourselves.. 
SPANK!!  Why are you drinking Canadian Champagne??  That stuff taste like piss!!!!

If there is anything here to take as a lesson..  is Canadian wine/champange.. its disgusting by all accounts!!  They never won an olympic for that skanky stuff!!!

I'm Just Saying..   (snark)
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