Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Board Dogs... WOOOWEEEE

This video surely brings out the AWEE factor while we watch these sweet face doggies ride the snow board down a snow mountain. How come they have better balance than I do? I dont snow board but I do skii and this video brings back memories of when my ex and daughter accidently had me ride the lift all the way to a diamond spot on the mountain in lieu of the bunny slope.

Now a little background, It was our first day on the slopes, 3 boys in skii camp, me in my gorgeous expensive snow suit, hair all teased up behind a thick headband which the top of my head was freezing.. Full on makeup. Macara, eyeliner.. the full nine yards!!!

Now here I am on top of this friggin mountain, and they only way down was.. down. I was screaming and yelling and decided to try and go for it. Unfortunately, I lost control and headed straight for a snow machine.. twice.. in the face!!!!! I looked like a huge snowball rolling down the mountain.

I dont think I ever let off a huge barrage of cursing in my life until that day and wanted to kill my ex. (Hence the word ex)

By the time I got halfway down the mountain, I finally started to thaw.  I felt a river running off my head and had to quickly strip and throw into the dryer.  I went into the bathroom to look in the mirror and my face was streaked with black liner and mascara with streaks of foundation and blush which made me look like my face was hit by a truck.  What a freaking mess!

On one hand.. I look at these dogs and say awe.. but on the other hand.. it gives me flashbacks of what I would look like if I got hit by a truck and it aint pretty.

I'm just saying..

When Dogs Snowboard from Mountain High Resort on Vimeo.
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