Sunday, March 14, 2010

SNL Saturday Night Live 3/13/2010 Hosted by Jude Law

I already posted the hysterical digital short below with Andy Samberg below and have to share a few more clips from the show last night.

If you dont watch the view and picking apart Whoopie Goldberg, than you may not get the following clip. I love how she is always portrayed as the know it all and if she doesnt know the answers.. she just says.. "You dont know.. you werent there.." etc. Her eye bugging out trying to speak to the masses with her looks are getting really old. I wish when she was bugging out her eyes that someone would slap her on the back of the head so they pop out and put her out of business. Or maybe she can place an eyeball at far sides of the country so she can be all knowing and seeing.. sigh.. she is getting on my nerves.

Orrr... if you are a ol game show junky of the old days and remember password, SNL has a rendition called secret word. Unfortunately, the word is not so secret.

Any my favorite next to the Andy Sambergs video below.. is an episode of "Really" With Seth and Jerry Seinfeld talking about Eric Massa and his groping/fondling,massaging, and diving for gold.. REALLY??

Well... thats all folks!!!!!!!

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