Friday, January 29, 2010

RuPauls Dragulator

Peeps!!!  We have this new fantastic tool that can take a picture (headshot) of your favorite person to razz on and make them into a Drag Queen!!!  

Ok I have to admit, I used one of my favorite blogging gals, Penny aka Katie, pic from her facebook and tried it out.  The above picture is the final result from this following picture.  Unfortunately, the only real features that are expressed from her face shot is her eyeballs and nose  which is mostly greyed out and her sparkling martini glass... Probaly for a good reason..   I KID I KID!!!  lmaoooo

Penns in real life:

Now Penns in the Drag Queeen Life!!!

I so do love her makeover I must say.  She is wearing her Elizabeth Hasselbeck inspired chandelier earrings she bought from QVC one night when she had one martini's too many.  It was the blue cheese stuffed olives I am sure..

Even you can paint yourself up!!! Ch Ch Check it out at


Okay.. since posting I had another blogger buddy and here is Kelly..

She is so manly I want to jump her bones!!  And I mean her bone!!

This is Kelly before her massive surgeries...

I know I know!!! she needed alot of work!!! NOT!!  Now here she is post surgery by Dr Aileen..

My work is finally done and all the Bride's of Frankensteins are complete.. I can go to sleep now..

Ok Okay.. I couldnt help myself.. found a picture of another blogger friend Carm... You peeps will rue the day you post pics of yourself on your facebook.. This is the best masterpiece eva!!!!  I am gonna shag CARM!!!!!

Our lovely lady in the most moderns of mean.. (meaning not drag queen standards) are below looking weird cause I had to edit a pic of her to get her face...

And this is what this blossoming beauty came to look like in the magic hands.. of   Moi....

I am a genious!!!!!!!!!    Taking a bow and thanking you for all the accolades and applause...


woman.. feel free to right click and save your portraits to your puter..  then post on your facebook profile!!!!  Your welcome..

For the love of god I had to do one more.. since I found another head shot and lo and behold.. Its me own sister who might disown me after these wee hours..  

I had noticed that her face totally changed when I gave her that mouth but I could not stop meself..

This is her normal self that haunts me in my dreams..  I KID I KID!!!

Thats me lovely sisters facebook profile pic like the rest of you unsuspecting fools..

Now here is her new facebook pic...  dats right.. you can thank me lata..

She looks like Britney when she dies her hair dark.  with a huge mouth cause she got one fer sure..  blah blah.. I know.. I am going to hell...


Ok.. by a popular request...  I am adding our REAL TRANNY MESS to the Tranny Club.

Below is another Blogger friend (term used loosley) I KID I KID who was really begging for my specialty makeover.    This one took extra magic and careful selections in the Tranny closet and I had to part with my favorite dress reserved for Tranny Makeover Competition!!

Ahh  what a sight...   "Don't Hate My Beauty"  unknown by some Tranny

Ok, time for the real reveal of what I had to work with.. 

"You cant love anyone unless you can love yourself"   RuPaul

Now Roga has a new face book picture himself!  What a beauty!!

My work is done....

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