Monday, January 25, 2010

Food Network and HGTV is coming back!!!

Yeeehaaaaa!!!!  Us poor Cablevision subscribers are finally getting back our Food Network and HGTV channels so we can watch our favorite chefs cook us some fantastic artery cloggin foods and help to decorate our  mobile home trailers.  Hey my trailer has a great garden with succatash growing..  its suffering I know...
I thought this day would never come but I did call the cable company everyday telling them that I will subscribe to a cable dish of some sorts if I had the brains to figure it out.  Please enjoy this plate of kid friendly food which is a show I am pitching to the Food Network that can get me out of my trailer trash garden and into a lavish double wide  trailer that will escalate me to the "Gated Community" that has a fabulous chain link fence with those colored slats that give you lots of privacy..
Moving on up!!!! To the east side... to a double wide trailer.. in the skyyyyiiiiii..

I'm just saying....
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