Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Homeless Man With the God Given Voice

Whoo knew??  Not me until I watched this video of this enterprising man who is pimpin his skills for anyone who would read his placard and just stop!!!  HAMMER TIME!! 

Again.. second chances..  LET OUR PEOPLE GO!! and lets just give second chances to people who have made bad decisions who have talents and let them have the ability to redeem themselves and forghetta about employing themselves to getting off public assistance and getting a job.  Sounds simple??

This man looks nothing like his voice and his voice is a gift from baby Jesus. 

Turns out this video was shot from a news show and he is now given many offers of employment and I just say..  GOOD FOR YOUR YOU MAN WITH A FACE THAT DOES NOT MATCH YOUR VOICE!!

Praise employers and the ability to see talent..  PRAISE THE RADIO BUSINESS SINCE THEY CANT SEE!!
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