Monday, December 6, 2010

Let Me Tail You Something

"The People Of Walmart" is the gift that keeps on giving and Walmart is a gift from baby Jesus!


When does someone not know when there is a Walmart breeze on your azz and who wouldnt be conscience of plumbers butt when your sporting a tail?  What US location does this tail sporting pants on the ground perp hail from?  Is it the water they are drinking?  It is genetic?  It is a spooky small town issue where all the town folks sport tails while dancing nekkid after lapping milk from a bowl and howling to the full moon?

Inquiring minds gotta know!!

Another post from People Of Walmart has another hybrid of a human.


I am wondering if this woman (or man?) hails from the same town as the tail man above where their breasticle's grow on their back or their feet are just backwards.. someone splain...  Do they make back bra's or some other kind of support to lift and seperate?

Hey.. I'm just saying...
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