Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok I been in my share of airports.. the pat downs.. the anhiliation of it all  OH THE HUMANITY!!  Truly is sucks but.. I have never seen an area like in an Milwaukee airport the total has as area for 'Recombobulate!

Recombobulation'!!  For Real??  so you get ur pat down.. your made to undress.. you show or let ur junk be felt up.. and now?!?!??!  You get a place to get recombobulation??  I want to smoke what they are smoking.. 

Ok an urbans dictionary of the meaning..  here we go..

1. To put something back the way it was, or into proper working order

2. To gather one's thoughts or composure

Does that give you any indication on how wrong this action is?!?!?!  I see a need to let people regroup.. but how amazing is it that you have too?!?!?
So lets all just approve of this sexual unleashing of the staff to grope, feel us up, and just get a woodie on our behalf. 
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