Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Rockin to Florence and The Machine

Have to gotta love me sweet baby face hard rocka's.  This poor sweet nuttin of a bugga eatin, diaper crappa, let me eat some shmashed food kinda kid has some serious Rock N Rollin kind of genes. Not the jeans kind so let me splain. 

This kid wants his music, Florence and The Machine, and dont mess with him when he dont get it!!  He really lets you know when he is unhappy and you have no other alternative to provide this sweet face child with the happy sounds he requires and deserves.  I think we have a real head banger on our hands and I am askeared.  I have visions of clown makeup painted on the sweet babies face and some illegal substances at hand.

I KID I KID!!!  nope I dont, I dont..

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