Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Glee Inspired Emmy's Opening

Alright, I wasn't going to post this video since I thought EVERYONE watched the Emmy's and as I found out this weekend.. nope.. its not true..

I spent time with my brother and his wife this holiday weekend when I tried to engage them in conversation regarding the Emmy's opening number and guess what.. THEY DIDN'T SEE IT!!!

RIGHT???? Thats what I was thinking... TURDS!!!!!!

When you have HUGE nominees like Mad Men and Glee with a host who graces us like Jimmy Fallon, I thought for sure that EVERYONE WOULD WATCH??

So for a few of you turds who have no culture in todays TV, here is the clip of the opening scene for the Emmy's.

Betty White was a fantastic cameo but I have to say.. Don Draper in anything but a suit and a ciggarette hanging from his mouth.. is still sexy.. loved the hippity hop.

If I was Betty White, I woulda slapped that ass.

One last note.. why is Hurely (from Lost) still over weight?? Isnt he eating nuts and berries on that Island?? That to me is a recipe for massive diarrhea which is a diet from the gods..

PS.. Turn the volume on high so you can rock out to my next husband

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