Monday, September 6, 2010

Tween Does Katy Perry, With Serious Eyebrows!!

Who doesn't love a tween who is imitating life on earth in the art of music as the best as can be??? Yep.. he is doing Katy Perry. This wee tween with a simple look and a stare.. left and right jerks makes this song even more bearable for me.

I am now so wanting more from the young lad who has the skills of arching brows, shifting head left and right and mostly!!! Putting his silvered enamored fists under his chin for more cheese!!!

SOME ONE GIVE THIS BOY A SHOW!! He is everything PereZ wanted to be but FAILED!!!

Realy, doesnt he look like the kid in "Jerry Maguire" with updated glasses and lost the blonde DOO??


Please god.. make him do Britney!!!

Please make sure you watch the entire video.. It gets more and more entertaining.. I SAWEAR!!!

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