Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jimmy Fallen and Bradley Cooper..

Ok who doesnt like some of whipped up Jimmy Fallen especially when he is wearing speedo's on a sunset couch.  I have no idea what I just said.  Anywho..  who doesnt like some Bradley Cooper??  I will do body shots off his navel any day.  Sigh.. my fantasies just take me over.. 

Anyway.. check out this great clip of the duo having fun and now my current fantasies is doing both of them in a twin bed.  Why a twin?  Cause I am going to the cream in the oreo cookie, because they are both STRONG BLACK MEN!!   yeah.. good times..  Chit.. I will let you know how my fantasy turns out and if they are in good company of said porn stars with a LONG history of satisfying..  sigh.   

Ok.. I have a confession that I have to see a therapist for.. I first typed Jimmy Kimmel who I dont really like.. WTH???   I see myself laying on a couch in the near future.  Off to spend alot of money and I would think the therapist would give GOOD advice. 
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