Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr Man is Pissed.. Again.. Early Morn..

This is categorized under WTF.  Mr Man is an aficionado of Oatmeal... Yes peeps you heard me right.  He has lost like 20 pounds pummeling down the gookey food but perfecting his own recipe with protein powder, mashed banana, a secret recipe topped with cinnamon, walnuts and fresh blueberries.  I decided to get on his instant fat burning kick and when he makes his witches brew each morning, he makes me a cute wee bowl in a fancy shmancey glass bowl that was made to present the best of dips to the chips and I am so impressed.

I am already up this morn and he is tasking away in the kitchen making his special special brew and was wishing quietly he used bourbon in lieu of water but shit.. You cant ask for much.

Turns out after making this special brew and setting up all the bowls of the day..  he came to me and asked if the dishwasher was clean.  I was like.. How The fark would I know?? Check the glasses on the top of the rack in the dishwasher.  If they have a pool of water on the glasses.. yep.. they are clean..

HOLY CHIT!!!  SOMEONE CALL 911!!!  I heard weird sounds of oatmeal being slammed into the sink and he peaked around the wall and said.. wait..  "I AM NO LONGER MAKING THIS FOR YOU ANY MORE!!!"

Ok now time to contain my gurgling laughter, must put on a good face.. PLEASE OH PLEASE DON'T LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

I kindly tell the Mr Man.. "its not my fault you didn't use clean dishes..  "  Ok when I said that, I cowarded into the corner and waited.  Waiting to see if he would pull out the magic pot to mix up a new brew. 

As I sit here I don't even know if he is cooking again or scratching his ass with the bloody spoon..

If you don't hear from me in 2 days.. please send a rescue squad.  I may be buried in the garden topped with oatmeal..  Please send donations to my childrens college fund.
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