Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sheep Pig?

Who decided that a pig rolling around in its own chit deserves to have wool on its back? 

Someone decided to get a sheep and a pig to do the nasty and make beautiful music together with the fiddles of "Deliverance's" "Dueling Banjoes" while the pig was tied to a tree, squeeling while the sheep was making his way with her.  Ahh.. the good ol days of "Deliverance" with no teef backwards sheeps who were inbred and ruling the forest to the likes of Burt Reynolds, John Voight and Warren Beatty..   Again..  the twang.. of Dueling Banjo's ring in my head unmercilessly and gives me the uneasy feeling that I have to lie flat on my back to protect myself!!

I'm Just Saying...
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