Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jamie Olivers Food Revolution

Has anyone else been watching Jamie Olivers "Food Revolution"?

I really think this is a fantastic show and the county that he is revolting against totally needs his help.

Poor Jamie is trying to demonstrate to the kids and adults the processed food and how they are made.  He takes the chicken bones and guts.. puts them in a food processor puts them in a siv, mashes them up and adds crumbs and seasoning..  THis whole time he demonstrates the yuckyness that you would think kids would not want to touch...

Well he was wrong.. the friggin wee babies still wanted the food.

What the hell are we teaching kids to put in our mouths???  Its not the kids.. its the parents.. 

No wonder sex is on the rise with kids.    Peeps promote all kind of bad stuff..

THis is what processed chicken looks like in a factory when done mashing up all the bits that only dogs eat..

I'm Just Saying...
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