Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dog Gets Sprung From The Joint!!!

Poor wee lad Winston the dog has finally been sprung from jail since he chewed off the bumper from a PO-lice VE-hicle. It is said that this is not his normal behavior which got him sprung from the Doggy Jail in time to get home to get some lovin and rubbin from his owners.. Maybe a pork rind as a treat?

Now.. I do think there is a conspiracy theory here. I think the poor wee lad Winston smelled bacon.. Yep.. I said it.. He smelled bacon and went WILD on that cruiser to put a cap in his ass. I think someone set the poor lassie up and taintied that car with pork grease and he couldnt contain himself. Its not that poor dogs faults since how would he get his hands on pork grease!!

I'm Just Saying..
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