Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kathy Griffin Official Book Club Selection

Ima Just Saying Book Club Selection Of The Week!

Ok Peeps.. I have not been blogging this weekend cause I am totally engrossed in this book! If you are a fan of Kathy, Irish Catholic family life or celebrity news.. This is a fantastic read. Her writing style is as amazing as her stand up work.

All the info you wanted to know about her life. It is actually interesting to read about how she was so determined to be a star at a young age and gossiping and how many years she had paying her dues. It turns out her parents being on the show was not a gimmick but she has been touting them around from day 1. She is very candid and honest and you MUST MUST get this book!

If I couldnt love her enough before.. I triple love her now.

Im Just saying..

Update: Ok .. Now that I finished this book.. I think they should make this into a movie.. All the celebrity's should do a cameo and I think this would be like a Howard Stern movie. Totally unexpected and totally hilarious. This book is not what you think. It's not full of fluff but
all true stories that were unexpectantly funny and things you didnt know!

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