Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ellen Pranks Taylor Swift

This is too funny. My sista Mona and I used to scare each other all the time! This one time.. (at band camp) I was in our room and we were going to bed. (we shared a room) and she was downstairs getting something in the kitchen and the house was dark as could be. I decided to turn out the lights in our room and get on the floor, on my hands and knees at the door opening and grab her ankles when she came back upstairs.

Well lo and behold, she had a similar idea and she crawled up the stairs on her hands and knees trying to not let me know she was approaching the room to scare me as well, thinking I was in bed. Well needless to say.. we bumped heads in the dark and skeared each other instead! We rolled over laughing for like 15 minutes and again.. we had the very same thought at the same time. Spooky for some peeps..

I love hearing Ellens laugh. Its infectious.

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