Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Wet Pretzel

Ok Okay!!! I slept in this morning and fell asleep in my throne.. my chair in the living room. I was awoken by the sweet baby patrick.. my grandson with his big smile and wide eyes. he slithered ontop of my lap to watch Madagascar and I still had slit for eyes. I smelled on his breath that he was eating pretzel rods and I asked him for one. Again, my eyes were still slits and bleary.. and lo and behold.. the baby produced a pretzel very quickly!! What a sweet baby and he listens so well!!
So I took the pretzel rod and inserted to the hungry mouth.. and bit a huge piece. Once I bit the friggin thing.. I realized very quickly that this pretzel rod had been soaking in the mouth of the sweet baby for quite a long time! It was soggy and stripped down of the salt in the worst way!!!..
Okay.. I had two options... spit it out and run to the kitchen.. or just.... swallow.. Needless to say I am still nauseated...

I'm just saying..

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