Sunday, October 25, 2009

St Martin Pics Are Here For My Fellow Bloggers!

Okay Peeps, I have some pics for your drooling pleasure. I arrived home last night and had to stop first at Toys R US cause my grandson will not talk to me unless he has the latest Buzz Light Year and the cococut shell necklaces with a dolphin pendant and another with a Shark Tooth will not cut it for a three year old! I called him from the island the other night since I missed his Mickey Mouse voice and he asked me if I bought him a present. I said yes I did sweetie!, he asked.. Is it Yo Gabba Gabba? I said no. He asked is it Sparticus? I said nooooo.. Then he asked.. Is it Buzz Light Year? I gulped.. and said ahh nooo.. The he said.. Okay.. here is dad. My heart sunk and me and Mr Man knew what we had to do. Here is 70 bucks well spent on a sweet babies face below: (Patrick Kevin Gilmore.. AKA Mr Excitement!)

Then Mr Man wanted to stop for fast food and EAT INSIDE and all I can do is think about my bed and sleep! I need to detox in the worst way.

If you squeeze me now, you will get 3 Maitai's. If you squeeze my sister Mona, you will get 4 vokda, club and limes. We are both marinated fruits I tell ya!

Oh speaking of booze!!! Duty free alcohol rocks!! I got tons of liquore's and island rum for a few paso's, Euro's or Guilders! What ever floats your boat! (The island is half French and half Dutch as a P.S.) I have had some of the most amazing food eva!!! While swimming in the pools, I had local woman stringing me up some necklaces for the peeps here at home, Tiger eye set for my mom, Jade for the daughter inlaw and all kind of other funky island stuff for the boys.

I did not get the earring and necklace set from Mr Man that I wanted but I did get this awesome ring. More drooling material below:

Isn't Mr Man the BOMB!!! He totally rocks me rocks!!!! I am collecting quite a collection! I have already decided that if we ever break up.. I am going on Judge Mathis to fight... for my rights.... TO KEEP.. THE JEWELRY!!!!!! Someday I will post a pic of my engagement ring.. it totally rocks!!! Here is a pic of the Mr Man contemplating all the friggin jewlelry stores that we rocked many hours a day. He totally hated it but the main reason was that my sis and her hubby loves to shop for the gems when they go each year. The second reason is that they roll out the red carpet and fill you with exotic beer, wine and champagne and mostly for the island rum that tastes like malt rootbeer. I guess the premise is that they liquor you up to loosen the wallet. The Mr Man knows this and was fighting it toof and nail but he had to finally succump to the evil of a buzz!! That island rum is smooth but hits you upside da head!!

Now some pics of the heavenly place we stayed at with our lovely views...

My sis and her Mr Man.. they are the jewelry magnates who spend a zillion dollars on gems that will make your eyes bleed

Me and Mr Man.. I swear I dont look that fat in real life or I have perpetual wine goggles on..

The Men in their missionary position

Well folks.. it was quite a week with my left foot busted, my right foot inadvertantly scabbed on the heel from a bad pedicure gone wrong, bronchitus.. and what else.. an aversion to the heat!!!! Lo and behold I had a great time and the best part was coming home to the sweet baby grandson who had that amazing face for his new toy and told me atleast 50 times.. THANK YOU GRANDMA!! I kid you not.. he could not be more grateful by the look of his face.. What a sweetie pie! As I said.. money well spent.

In a few weeks I am going to Florida to see my daughter and my other 2 gbabies with my sis again who is my right brain, Mr Man and My 18 year old son Kevin. I will have lots more stories but will post here instead of other sites. I need to chronicle this stuff!!!

I'm just saying...
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