Sunday, October 25, 2009

Drunkest Man To Ever Walk!

Ok Okay, I have been out of town and maybe most of you have already seen this video but I couldn't help post and tell a wee story. (spoken with Irish brogue)

I had all the kids in the car coming back from shopping years ago and was cutting through this development when I saw this lad walking almost sideways on the sidewalk and his back was arched so far back while trying to walk forward. Now, I started to slow down and got a bit worried for the young turd and watched from afar to make sure he was okay. I have to say, he was tall and lanky and have never seen a male turd bend so far backwards in a perfect arch and thought maybe he was on drugs or drunk. His legs would stretch out forwards one at a time and each foot had a tough time making the landing.

I now know he was drunk from watching this video and now saw what a drunk looks like walking. (specially if I can't see myself walking in that condition!)

This poor boy below has fallen and can not get up!!!

I'm just saying..

Check out how this blog demonstrates how drunkin peeps are compared to yoga positions. Its a hoot!

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