Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unlawfully Searched In Your Cavity Area? Well Check This OUT!!

I want to know when it ok to woman up your private parts for an unlawful search and when do we decist! My girly bits are privy to only a few select winners and it aint the TSA OR immagration with yellow gloves. GET OUTTA ME GIRLY BITS AND PAY THE FINE!

— Should a drug suspect have to pay the bill for undergoing a court-ordered cavity search that finds nothing?

C'mon — what's not to like?
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No, says a New Mexico woman who wants Doña Ana County officials to pay the $1,122 hospital bill she received after undergoing such a search on suspicion she was hiding heroin, The Las Cruces Sun-News reported.
The woman's identity was not being released.
Her lawyer, Michael Lilley of Las Cruces, filed a claim Aug. 30 against the county to justify her demand that authorities pay for her forcible body cavity search, according to the newspaper. Here's what happened, the newspaper said:
The Metro Narcotics Agency had "credible information from a reliable source" that the woman had concealed up to an ounce of heroin, which led to a search warrant on July 1, said Metro Sgt. Mike Alba.
The woman was searched at Memorial Medical Center, which then billed her for $1,122.
No heroin or any other narcotic was recovered from the exam.
The woman was not arrested or charged.
The woman had no criminal history in New Mexico.
County officials would not comment on a pending lawsuit, the newspaper reported.
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