Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amish Men.. Are Not So.. Amish?

Are you now getting a boner? Ain't they zexy? Well all you have to do and bail them out to have ... wait but there is more!! You can shave their faces, taunt them with boobie flashes and threaten to do the dirty deed.. Girls.. Its a full on fun in the sun before fall becomes us and taunt these bad boys into coming into the dark side!!

Oh. I forgot.. these dude are all ready on the dark side.. my bad..

What crimes have these hairy faces commited? Let me tell you peeps the crimes! It's awful and I am taking up a new sign! SAVE THE AMISH!!

So what terrible crime was committed? The eight men were busted for refusing to attach bright orange safety triangles on the back of their traditional horse drawn carriages.

They all belong to the ultraconservative Old Order Swartzentruber Amish sect in western Kentucky and said the bright orange reflector goes against their modesty codes and that they would rather be hauled behind bars than violate their beliefs.

The men appeared in court Monday and after they refused to pay court-imposed fines they were sentenced to between three and 10 days in jail.

The eight chose jail time over paying the fine because they felt that paying up would be “amount to complying with a law they believe violates their religious strictures against wearing bright colors or trusting in manmade symbols for their safety.”

“I don’t think it’s right to put somebody in jail for practicing their religious beliefs … but that’s what we’ll do if that’s what it takes to abide by the biblical laws,” Levi Zook told the Courier-Journal.

Zook ended up escaping serving any time in jail though, the Courier-Journal reported, because his friend paid the fine on his behalf so the father could get home to care for his son who has cerebal palsy.

Randy Haley, the Graves County jailer, told ABC News that all but one of the men had been released by Thursday morning. The last man will be released Sept. 21.

“They were very nice,” said Haley. “They did anything we asked them to do, we had no problems."

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