Thursday, May 12, 2011

Nekkid Racist Man on The 6 Train - Tase Him Bro!!

Sorry for making you crick your neck but its worth it folks!

I have a crazy uncle like this who when he drinks to much, he wants to get nekkid and yell racist remarks at people since he was born under a rock in some hollow mountain born to the music of banjo's.  It explains this dude's white hair since this is the first time he has seen daylight in decades.

This guy is disturbing on so many levels that initially I was thankful for the po-po awaiting him outside the train and calling in for help, UNTIL the dude went ballistic now totally nekkid and now this single po-po has to figure out how to tackle the nekkid dude without getting his hands dirty!  Doesnt this cop have a taser?   I think the majority of viewers would approve the excessive use of a taser to the gonads with no protest.  Seriously... TASE HIM BRO!!!
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