Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Grandsons Puter Paint Art... got to love this kid

Ok so my grandson of 5 years old is truly an artisit.  And when I say Artist, he really pays attention to detail like no other. 

He is a Super Hero freak for Batman, Spiderman and the Ben 10 characters.  I truly encourage his endeavors and buy all the art supplies he needs and now he takes it to the computer Paint Program.    He hardly ever lets me captures his art to save to a file because he gets frustrated that its 'not perfect' and had to lecture him on nothing is perfect and you can only do your best and you will get a trophy for just trying.  Hey.. I am trying to keep up with the times!!

Anyway.. here is some of his earlier art:

 Not bad right? (click to enlarge)  no its not a penis.

Here is another..

 Me thinks this kid is gonna be famous.. he hated this picture because the neck was too thick and I told him we would call him No Neck Spidey..

Another one..  what attention to details right?  If you zoom in on the picture.. you can see the details on the jacket which was most important to him.  The number 10 took him like 30  minutes to perfect.  I love the hair and fingers.. but the poor dude has no nose.  For some odd reason, all his Ben 10 dudes have no groin.  LMAOO

THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE THING!!!  (ala Oprah voice)  Can we say details are everything?  Need I say more?  This is Patrick with our dog Riley and I think Riley needs a visit to the Vet.  You must click the pic to zoom in.. or maybe not depending on your reflux stomache muscles..  I WARNED YOU!

You cant say I didnt warn you.  This kid really pays attention to detail and for now on, I am wearing a bra.
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