Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whose Idea Was This? Some Cheap Ass Bastid Thats Who!!!

After getting hitched at the Bristol Register Office, these 2 knuckle heads, headed to the local Kentucky Fried Chicken in a tuxedo and wedding gown! Their friends had laughed when they initially suggested the location for the reception, but 30 people showed up to celebrate the pair’s new union. The inspiration for the event stemmed from Kalli’s parents, who had held their own wedding reception at a local McDonald’s. By the time the reception had concluded, the group had chowed down on about a total of $325 worth of chicken and chips! Classy.

Now I cant really believe it cost that much?  That would be like 30 guests or are they just big eaters??  Dang, I thought I needed to buy a bird cage for my Mr Man.

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