Thursday, October 7, 2010

OK OK!! I have taken some time off

I have been in FLorida for a more than a few weeks visiting my daughter and her family. 

We went to Disney..  Magic Kingdom and Epcot. 

Ok  a few stories.. 

First off it was a birthday month for both my grand children.. yeah yeah.. I am that old..  soo..  for my wee grandaughter, she had an appointment for the grand salon, Bippity Bobbity Doo!!  Yeah Yeah.. if your old like me, I have no idea what the was until now.  It turns out that Disney found a new way to make money to elicit kids/parents to look like a female Disney Character and make a million.  Well hell yes my daughter bought into the whole shabang and was a bit shmerter.  She got a great costume off of ebay that is worthy of 100 bucks for 15 buckaroonies.  I was SUPPOSED to go with them to the Bippity Boppity Boo chit.. but lord. I traveled for 2 days in a BMW SUV were the passenger seat didnt even recline.. NO SHIT!!  my son in the back seat had no room since Mr Man packs for the apocalypse and I am sure that if we were caught up in something like War Of The Worlds.. we had enough Oatmeal, cheeses, and other chilled fruit in a cooler that housed all his super foods, power bars and all the essentials to power this man to the next city and hotel. I was in awe.  Yes.. he was regular.  Me not so much..  I failed to eat the magic food.

Soo.. back to Driving to Florida ..  We stopped to rest and I was exhausted sitting erect in a car for so many hours.. sleeping in a hotel that took me back to the movie "Vacancy".  I kid you not.. the pool was like WTF.  empty and a lounge chair in the deep end and in the deep end a shallow water of green who who the heck peed in it and ran? 

I instructed all my fellow passengers to just leave all pillows and blankets in the car to not allow any bed bugs or other critters to latch on.  I said three hail marys and what the holy fuck for a good measure.  Bless me father since I am not a proponet for poor sacks who have to reside in these types of dwellings and now I am one of them.  Where the fuck can I redeem my Marriott points!!!

Ok I cant lie.  I started drinking way before the hotel stay.  Lets say 150 miles prior.  By the time I got under the who what covers...  I didnt feel so awful.. Mr Man looked at me like I was a strawberry on top of the cheesecake.  Lord I was flattered...  I certainly obliged.. I now feel more dirty then when we first started and all I had was a toof brush via morning.

I sawear it was the wine that I was sippin out of a jar that travelled so long that was wrapped by an ice bag deep in a thermos bag. I do travel well I must say..

Needless to say.. I arrived safe and sound to my daughters and as you guessed I was not killed.  I dont want to be that famous.  I already am sorta famous.. but dont need that much notoriety.. (hehe)

Ok so we arrived finally in time to only turn around and drive another few hours to arrive to our final destination for a kids birfday weekend and I am done.  No fork needed.  OF COURSE I AM NOT GOING TO THE BIBBITY FUCK SALON!!!  I AM TIRED!!

Forgive me father since I am a lush and just hung over..

Here is the proof of the Bippitty Boppitty Boo with the sweet face LoreLai. 

Isnt she the cutest thing you have ever seen!!!  Now you know why I havent blogged in a looong time.  With a sweet baby like that.. who would??  All my time was marveling over this sweet lass with her smile from ear to ear and just wondering how I am gonna smuggle her out of the Florida home.. Dang.. I failed but all I got is these pictures..

My other Floridian sweet face baby boy Billy. 

Can you believe this tank above JUST turned 4 years old?  This kid is huge and weighs more than me.  (I wish)
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