Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ringling Bros. Beats Elephants

Ok... the Peta Organization can be a bit exteme. Going after Obama for killing a fly truly diminishes their serious work to protect animals.. but this one is too much.. even for a snarkly ol lady like me. My oldest son won't let me kill insects if he can capture them and put them outside... EVEN SPIDERS!!! You should see what we do when he is either sleeping or not around. We capture and stab the insect with a fork and cook it over the stove burner and laugh our asses off at his expense while we chug down beers.


Peta went undercover again and uncovered some disturbing video on how the trainers for Ringling Bros actually beat the elephants into submission right before they enter the ring for a performance. Well, I cant really say "into submission" because the elephants are innocently just standing in line thinking mean thoughts for their handlers.

Uh.. I am not a rocket scientist.. but wouldnt that just create angry elephants with a packed house putting the visitors at danger? How many times have we seen circus elephants lose it and trample peeps and we wonder why?

This is really a sad video and makes me want to boycott the circus. Fer reals. And I really like laughing at the clowns fall on their asses and watching peeps volunteer to gallop the horse standing up and only get their head stuck up the horses ass instead. Good times.


I'm just saying...

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